When you need a great scraper hire company, Hope Civil is just a phone call away. Call us and get your CAT scraper today!

Scraper Hire Experts in South Brisbane and Beyond!

When you need a dependable scraper hire company, Hope Civil is just a phone call away. With over 40 years of experience in the industry, we have helped countless clients and delivered the highest level of service.

What Types of Scraper Hire Services Does Hope Civil Offer Customers?

Hope Civil has access to the highest quality Caterpillar scrapers and scoop machines. Here is a list of some of the types of scrapers and scoops that you can hire.

CAT Scraper in South East Queensland

CAT scrapers are great for a number of different types of projects. Our Caterpillar scraper machines are powerful, have exceptional traction, provide reliable outputs and get projects done quickly. Many customers in South Brisbane and other parts of Queensland have used our CAT scraper services.

Hope Civil Caterpillar 623F Elevating Scraper front

Elevating Scraper from the Gold Coast to Beaudesert and beyond

Civil contractors often use an elevating scraper to do fine finish projects. These tools are excellent for mixing materials and ensuring the consistency is uniform. There are a number of different types of elevator scrapers. The Caterpillar 623 is one of the best.

623 Scraper in Brisbane and surrounding suburbs

623 scrapers are the highest quality elevator scrapers in the world. Using a 623 scraper is a great idea when you need to finish a project quickly and cost-effectively. These Caterpillar scrapers are very productive and provide outputs at a very low cost per tonne. They have over 330Hp of flywheel power, which is higher than other scrapers in their class. Hope Civil has a number of 623 scrapers available. We provide them to customers in need at a reasonable price.

Twin Powered Scrapers in Logan and beyond

Twin powered scrapers are also available to customers in Queensland. They are versatile machines that are well suited for a wide range of applications.

Learn About Other Types of Scrapers and Graders throughout Central Queensland

Hope Civil has a lot of other scrapers and graders available. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more. We can provide a full list of equipment to help you with your earthworks project.

Hope Civil Caterpillar 627G Twin Powered Scraper side profile

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Scraper Hire Services in South Brisbane and Munruben Forest!

Earthmoving projects are complex. You need to hire the best equipment to complete the job to your specifications. Hope Civil has the highest quality scrapers and scoops for your earthmoving needs. Give us a call today. We look forward to working with you!

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