Are you looking for a dependable earthmoving company in Queensland? Call our civil contractors and get a quote today!

Call our civil contractors and get a quote today!

South East Queensland’s most Reliable Earthmoving Company

Hope Civil is a trusted scraper hire and earthmoving company in Queensland. We also serve customers in Beaudesert, Logan, the Gold Coast, South Brisbane, Brisbane, South East Queensland, and Central Queensland.

Our knowledgeable earthmoving experts have over 40 years of experience providing scraper hire and dozer hire services to businesses and residences throughout Queensland. Our civil contractors are proud of our stellar reputation for customer satisfaction and competent service.


At Hope Civil, we believe that communication is the key to delivering the highest level of service. We work closely with every customer to understand the scope of their project. Our earthmoving experts will tailor our services to match their needs.

Over the years, our civil contractors have worked on a number of ambitious earthmoving projects. We have built roads for Beech Petroleum in the Simpson desert. We have overseen one of the largest earthworks projects in Central Queensland. This is a testament to our quality service and dedication to client results.

Why South Brisbane Customers Depend on Our Earthmoving Expertise

Whether a customer requires a Caterpillar Elevating Scraper, a Caterpillar Twin powered open bowl scraper, dozer, grader or an articulated moxy water truck, you can depend on Hope Civil offering as good a service as possible, we pride ourselves on the condition of our equipment.

We have mostly Caterpillar Equipment, Scrapers or Scoops, as they are called in the mining industry. Some of our equipment is fitted with GPS and we have skilled operators ready to go.

We have state-of-the-art equipment, including CAT D10T dozers, CAT 16H graders and CAT 16H and CAT 12H grader machines. We also offer articulated Moxy water truck hire services to our valued customers.

Hope Civil Caterpillar 623G Elevating Scraper profile

Customers need many types of equipment for bulk earthworks projects. Hope Civil meets your needs by offering a wide range of dozer hire and grader hire services. We also offer Moxy water truck hire services for specialised earthmoving projects.

What types of Scrapers, Dozers, Graders and Water Moxy Hire is Hope Civil offering in Central Queensland?

Our customers can rent the following types of equipment:

  • Caterpillar Scraper Hire
  • Caterpillar Dozer Hire
  • Caterpillar Grader Hire
  • Hitachi Moxy Water Truck Hire
Hope Civil Cat Grader 12H on site

Watch Hope Civil Cat 637 Scrapers at Work

Contact Hope Civil

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more details about our scraper and grader hire services. We look forward to taking your call!

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